Test your Harand knowledge and flex your memory muscles with the following
INTENSE and ultra-DEMANDING and uber-CHALLENGING quiz. 
1) What year was camp founded?
2) No man is...
my brother
an archipelago
an island
a peninsula

3) What does R stand for?
(Mister) Roboto
Rice Pudding
4) The cabin with the most inspection points wins the...
Clean Sweep Award
Diamond Dust Pan
Golden Garbage Pail
Tidy Tin Trophy

5) Who wrote the song "Swanee"?
Irving Berlin
Richard Rodgers
George Gersihwin
Stephen Sondheim
6) Sulie always conducts the pageant finale with...
a baton
a pen light
jan's pencil
her mind

7) All of the below are past/present Harand accompanists except:
Angela Lovell
TJ Shanoff
Errol Pearlman
Jo Black
8) Canteen has offered all of the following items except:
White Castle Burgers
Super Rope
Fun Dip
Bubble Tape

9) Camp "A days" are...
special cabin night days.
when campers devote time to summer school.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
when the entire camp reads classic literature.
10) All of the below are popular camp sing-a-long songs except:
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Sunshine Mountain
Pinky the Porcupine
Grey Squirrel

11) The prize for winning Media Madness or Tournament of Champions...or Olympics...is:
Sundae Bar!
Table Setters!
G Swim!
Mini Bank!
12) Haranders love ice cream...
from Gesserts
from Blue Boy
that tastes like Media Madness victory
all of the above

13) Haranders sing grace before every meal. Which of the following is NOT one of our grace songs:
Give us Grub
the Lord is Good to Me
God is Great
For Health and Strength
14) Pageants with a mixed theme are typically called:
Mish Mosh
2nd Session

15) The very first pageant (and many since) was...
Ballad for Americans
A Tribute to George Gershwin
We See Fireworks
Rhapsody in Blue
16) During inspection a cabin will lose points for...
bribing the inspector
leaving a fan on
singing Rainbow Connection

17) How many sons does Father Abraham have?
18) Harand has been located in all of the following places except:
Elkhart Lake
Beaver Dam

19) Classic Harand dishes include all of the following except:
Chicken Kiev
Chopped Liver
Bongo Beef
20) All of the following are or have been cabin names except:
Dream Girls
Starlight Express
Plain and Fancy

21) Popular past cabin nights include all of the following except:
Congo River Mini Golf
Karting Kettle
Action Territory
22) How old is Sulie?
shame on you for asking
she'll never/rarely tell
timeless! (the woman doesn't age!)
all of the above